Yesterday, the 16/02/2019, a worker was killed on a factory floor in Yeruham – and the Safety Administration refuses to take any action. KLO demands the Safety Administration close the plant as is customary after fatal accidents in construction sites! The worker 46-year-old worker was found unconscious and trapped near one of the machines at Konial Antonio Israel Ltd., a factory that produces roofing shingles. This brings the number of workers killed in their workplaces since the start of 2019 to 9, four in the construction sector, three in industrial/factories, one in the service industry, and one in agriculture. In 2018, there was a 60% increase in the number of fatalities in all industries, except for construction.

The Safety Administration must act immediately to stop the alarming increase in the number of fatal work accidents occurring in all industries. It can start immediately by applying the usual procedure following work accidents on construction sites – closing any construction site where a fatal or serious accident occurred. Today, work places other than construction are not closed following such accidents. Kav LaOved calls upon the government to immediately employ all the means of enforcement and supervision at their disposal to improve the situation starting with the basics: a safety work order closing the site for 48 hours to determine what happened.

For more check out Nitzan’s article (Hebrew)

(Photograph: Dana Ariely, Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 4.0)