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Meet the staff of Kav LaOved!

Adv. Ohad Amar / Executive Director

Ohad was born and raised in the city of Ofakim, situated in the southern district of Israel and isrecognized for its socio-economic challenges. In Ofakim he cultivated a worldview deeply rooted in the pursuit of social justice and equality. Ohad has a bachelor degree in law & political science and a master’s degree in law & human rights, with a specialization in labor law. As part of his legal studies, he engaged in various social movements defending the rights of underrepresented people in Israel. As a team member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Legal Clinics, he has established and operated The Legal Aid Center, through which he extended legal aid to marginalized communities in both West and East Jerusalem by reaching out to them in their respective locations.

As the executive director of Kav LaOved, starting my role amidst the turmoil of war, I am acutely aware of the immense challenges confronting workers—migrants, Israelis, Palestinians, refugees, asylum seekers, and those without status. The onset of this war has only intensified their struggles, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities. Job security and protection have swiftly become distant memories as businesses are shutting off, livelihoods vanishing, and economic opportunities evaporating in the face of disruption, depriving many workers of their agency and leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and gross violations of their labor rights. In this challenging context, I reaffirm my dedication to ensuring that Kav LaOved’s efforts generate a tangible and meaningful difference in the lives of workers affected by the ravages of this war and its aftermath”.

Adv. Aelad Cahana / Legal Department

Aelad holds a law degree and general studies BA from Hebrew University. Prior to joining KLO, he worked as a clinical instructor and lawyer at the refugee rights legal clinic at Tel Aviv University and as an advocate for the Center for Defense of the Individual. He began working at Kav LaOved in January 2020, focusing on principle level legal work to promote policy change.

“Working here gives me the opportunity to help all kinds of people. I believe that everyone should have their basic rights respected, that’s why KLO is so important.”

Abed Dari / Field Coordinator, Palestinian Workers Department

Abed holds a BA in sociology and social work from Bethlehem University and an MA in sociology and human development from Beir Zeit University. Before joining KLO in 2011, he worked for over 14 years as staff coordinator at Beit Hanina Association to promote community organizing in East Jerusalem. When he started working at KLO in Tel Aviv, he planned to stay three months, but after learning more about the work, he loved it and decided to stay.

“It’s similar to other jobs I’ve held, which focus on helping people. However, even though it’s farther away from home and the workload is demanding, I prefer KLO because I feel really satisfied with myself and my work here.“

Arafat Amro / Fieldworker, Palestinian Workers Department

Arafat is dedicated to protecting the labor rights of Palestinians working in Israel. He was employed at the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Labor for 13 years prior to joining KLO in 2006 as a field worker. He also volunteers with several charitable organizations, including labor unions and charitable organizations working in the field of human rights, cancer treatment and supporting those with autism.

“I have dedicated myself to defending the rights of Palestinian workers who are among the most neglected and exploited within Israel. I feel a sense of pride and happiness in my work at KLO because we ensure that these workers are given the highest quality of services to help them attain their rights.”

Adv. Diana Baron / Research & Public Policy Manager 


Diana holds a bachelor’s degree in law and international relations from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a master’s degree in labor law and human rights from University College London. She worked as a labor law lawyer in the private sector as well as with the International Labor Organization in Geneva. Recently, Diana worked as Head of Education Rights in the Rights’ Advocacy and Government Relations Department at ALUT, the Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism. She has volunteered with the Public Policy and Research Department at Kav LaOved. She is also an independent filmmaker and writer! Her first book, “The Facility,” was recently published by Pardes Publishing.

When asked about joining the team at KLO, she said “In my opinion, Kav LaOved sets the moral standard that decision-makers should strive for when regulating the employment of marginalized workers. I dreamed of working for the organization for many years and, as a volunteer, I was privileged to take part in writing reports KLO published on occupational health and labor rights’ enforcement. Wearing my new hat as the Manager of KLO’s Public Policy and Research Department, I plan to harness my experience and skills to support the organization’s collective efforts to create a respectful, fair and sustainable world of work.”

Samar Baidoun / Manager of Resource Development

Samar Baidoun has been engaged with civil society and humanitarian aid for over thirty years focusing on organizational Development, Theory of Change and Impact.

She works in three languages, Arabic, Hebrew and English.

Upon completion of her studies in Houston, Texas Samar worked at the Texas State Ministry of Health, Quality Assurance Control Department until late nineties when she returned to the Middle East and shifted her career to  International Development and civil society. Samar has extensive experience in leading, accompanying, training and coaching civil society teams in all aspects related to Project Cycle Management.

Samar’s affluent experience includes evaluation of international projects in many countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, S. Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal and others in Europe and the USA. She has a well-built network of international partners and donors resulting from extensive work on designing projects, grant-writing and fundraising in compliance with institutional international standards of funding as the UN, DFID, EU and other faith-based and private foundations.

“During the past few years, I was familiarized with the work of KLO through various evaluations which I conducted as an external consultant. Recently, I was hired as an in-house team member and I am so pleased to be part of such a professional and empathetic team. I am proudly leading the resource development department which is the backbone of the sustainability and flourishing of this significant organization”.

Iris Bar / Coordinator of the Haifa Branch

Iris holds an MA in anthropology from the University of Haifa.  Prior to joining KLO in 2008, she was engaged in community organizing and activism in Haifa and worked for a brief period in accounting. She currently manages the Haifa office, overseeing KLO programs to support Israelis and caregivers.

“I like KLO because I feel that I really help people. It’s quite hard to make major policy changes to improve the protection of people’s rights, but at least I can ensure that workers get the rights they deserve on the basis of the laws currently in place. So, while it takes time to change the “big things,” I can at least help people with the “small things” and make a difference.”

Adv. Khaled Dukhi / Manager of Palestinian Workers Department

Khaled earned an MA in Law at the University of Sassari in Sardegna Italy. After working as a judge’s assistant in Beer Sheva and then at a private law firm, he felt drawn to use his law degree to help others and applied for a job at KLO in 2000. During the job interview he learned there was a shortage of volunteers that day, so stayed to help out. He loved it, and never looked back.

“The work is always interesting and it’s really important for me to see that my work has meaning and positively impacts others. I like to feel I’m making a difference.”

Adv. Meytal Russo / Legal Department


Meytal holds a law degree from the Academic Center for Law and Business. She joined KLO in 2018 to manage the caregiver program. Prior this, she worked at non-profit organizations and private law firms on issues related to immigration law and human rights of marginalized communities, including refugees and Palestinians.

“For the first time in my work experience I can really see that I’m making a difference for people. KLO is on the frontlines of assistance to migrant caregivers—they come to us for help with labor rights, but really this is door they enter to get support for so much more. Their situation is delicate and complex, and they face a dizzying array of bureaucratic hurdles on a regular basis. We empower them to advocate for themselves and affirm their humanity.”

Rasha Atawneh / Manager of Israeli workers & Housecleaners Dep.


Rasha holds a Bachelor of Law from the College of Law and Business. Her apprenticeship took place at the Court of Appeals where she has gained knowledge and experience in protecting the rights of asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and other rights-based issues related to various population groups in Israel. Prior to joining us, Rasha worked as an attorney in an NGO called Itach-Maaki (Women Lawyers for Social Justice) , and in 2018 she was selected by Yedioth Ahronoth, Israeli newspaper, as one of the 50 “social heroes.” In Israel.

“I’ve chosen law studies as I always wanted to promote justice for vulnerable groups: to act on their behalf, help them to speak out and gain their rights. I’m joining KLO effort to assist vulnerable workers and I wish to make a difference. I’m glad to be part of a civil society organization that struggles on behalf of populations I care for”.

Dr. Irit Porat
Manager of Caregivers Department


Dr. Porat holds a PhD from the Interdisciplinary Studies Unit at Bar-Ilan University, in the gender studies program. In her final thesis, she examined power balance between migrant caregivers and their employers, inspired by the state and its institutions, and subsequently wrote the book “A Stranger Caring for Mother”, which guides families through the maze of employing migrant workers.

“Kav LaOved has been my second home for over 15 years. As a volunteer, I have helped migrant caregivers and thanks to them I’ve learned that our NGO is a safe place, where they can be heard and receive guidance and assistance. As the coordinator of the caregivers department, my responsibilities have increased and I consider this to be my privilege.

“I think it’s important that the guests we’ve invited to take care of our elderly parents, are treated fairly and morally. The Swiss writer, Max Frisch, referred to the phenomenon of migrant workers who began arriving to Germany from Turkey, saying: “We asked for workers, instead – we got people.” We must keep this in mind when an employee asks to go on vacation to her country, to visit her family whom she has not seen for years. We must remind the agencies and also the patient’s families that we are talking about a human beings, who has been separated from their families for a long time and miss them very much. Visiting home during a vacation is one of the easiest requests we deal with, since there are much more complicated and difficult cases, that require our professional knowledge and experience – all crucial to our ability to help the worker”.

Lior Malka / Manager of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Workers dept.


Lior holds an MA in International Community Development from Hebrew University and a BA in African Studies from Ben Gurion University. Interested in KLO’s work, she came on board as an intern for four months and then transitioned to her current position in 2020.

“I feel like almost no one is turning to this vulnerable community [refugees and asylum seekers] to ensure their labor rights are protected and so KLO is an important place for them to come and get help. I’m glad to be a part of this.”

Miriam Anati / Outreach and Resource Development


Miriam holds an MA in politics and international relations from the University of Milan in Italy. Prior to working at KLO, she spent 15 years in the civil society sector promoting human rights in Western and Eastern Europe, focusing on the rights of vulnerable minorities.  Miriam worked as KLO’s agriculture director before switching to outreach and development work. She speaks English, Hebrew, French and Italian.

“I feel lucky to be working at a place in Israel where the background of a person is less important than him or her receiving equal rights.”  

Assia Ladizhinskaya / KLO Spokeswoman & media manager

Assia holds a degree in sociology and anthropology from The Hebrew University. She grew up in Jerusalem after immigrating to Israel from the former Soviet Union at the age of three. Life in Jerusalem exposed her to the occupation and its consequences on a daily basis in the city streets. Her experience as a researcher for TV documentaries led her to work as a writer in civil society organization and she joined KLO in this capacity in 2018, as a staff member and a volunteer. She began managing of KLO’s new media work in 2021 where she uses her skills to share the stories of those who are marginalized.

“When I worked in television, I was exposed to injustice on a daily basis, and I tried to make the voice of the voiceless heard, at least on the screen. At KLO, I can do the same using social media and am inspired by the beautiful souls working side by side with me.” 


Eva Abraham / Administrative Manager

Eva holds a master’s degree in math from Rostov University in the Russian Federation. Prior to immigrating to Israel, she worked as a chief economist with the State Department of Statistics.  She immigrated to Israel in 1991 and, after completing training in accounting, worked in a nonprofit that supports older persons in Rehovot. She joined KLO as office manager in 2018 after two years volunteering in the caregiver program.

“It’s important to me that we at KLO support workers and protect their rights. I know how hard it is for vulnerable workers—I saw it in my job as an accountant helping older persons.”

Tsaga Sahelu

Interpreter and mediator in KLO’s Asylum Seekers Department

Tsaga came to Israel in 2009 and lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and four children. She learned business management and sewing, and sews for pleasure. Tsaga speaks Tigrinya, English and Hebrew and joined KLO in 2022, as an interpreter. She is involved in both reception hours and the handling of individual cases.

“I like working at  Kav LaOved and feel that I am contributing to my community. It is pleasant to work in an organization that provides help to all populations in a professional and equal manner. I like that everyone is treated the same way.”

Adv. Orit Ronen / Manager of Agriculture Workers Department

Orit holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting from the College of Management and a law degree from the Ramat Gan Academic Center. Previously, she worked as a lawyer specializing in immigration and refugee law and also as a producer of films and documentaries.

She joined KLO as a staff member in 2021, assuming the role of Manager in the Migrant Agricultural Workers program after a long history of supporting the organization. She began volunteering at KLO in 2007 to support Israeli workers and later moved to supporting refugees and asylum seekers. Orit has been a board member at KLO and also sits on the board of ASSAF (Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel).

“I started volunteering at Kav LaOved as soon as I graduated from law school in order to help the most vulnerable workers in Israel – those who get up every morning for work, want to earn a decent living with dignity, but who end up being taken advantage of by their employers and the authorities. Today, as Manager of the Migrant Agricultural Worker Program, it’s still hard for me to really take in the reality [of these workers] I’m witnessing day in and day out.”