Save the date: on Thursday, the 25.7.2019, the general assmebly of Kav LaOved association will take place in Rosa Luxemburg Foundation offices, Rothschild Blvd. 11, Tel Aviv, 7 PM. Everyone is invited.

In the assembly we will meet in person, hear about the organization’s activities, listen to a special lecture and discuss important matters related to Kav LaOved. Association members who’ve been paying member fees for the past two years or more will be able to elect and nominate themselves to the board of directors or the audit committee.

Association members who wish to be nominated to the board or the audit committee, or wish to propose discussion subject or a change in Kav LaOved’s articles of association, are requested to inform their intentions by the 7.7.2019, by sending an Email to the address: Adi.m@kavlaoved.org.il.

You can pay membership fees for 2019 at the amount of 100 NIS at Kav LaOved offices or through a transfer to our account:

Kav LaOved, account number 431095, Bank Hapoalim, branch number 781.

New member are requested to send a joining form by the 24.6.2019, as a scanned document to the Email address: Office@kavlaoved.org.il, and to pay membership fees as well. Existing member don’t need to send the form, but do need to renew membership fees for 2019.

Looking forwards to seeing you!


(The photograph was taken at the “Occupation of Labor” conference we held at Rosa Loxemburg Foundation offices last November)