Exposure to chemicals is very dangerous – pesticides, paints, thinners and detergents can cause temporary or permanent poisoning as well as damage to the eyes, the skin and the rest of the body. Steam and gases can also penetrate the body and lead to breathing problems.

So, how should we take care of ourselves?

– Prior to working with a chemical / toxic substance, demand appropriate guidance and protective equipment from your employer. Read also the safety data sheet of the product (MSDS) and get acquainted with its specific risks.

– When working with chemicals you must wear a long smock, closed work shoes, safety goggles and appropriate gloves.

– If you fear poisoning or any other harm from chemical agents, ask for a doctor’s advice – this is your right.

– If you work with pesticides, it is your employer’s duty to have you undergo appropriate occupational medical tests, also before you start.

Keep safe!!!