Would you agree to work without contributions to the National Insurance Institute? No holiday pay and vacation? No pension contributions?

These and other rights are entitled to all workers in Israel, but for housecleaners, it appears there is confusion. We noticed that many employers assume that if they pay cash to their cleaners, a few dozen shekels for an hour once a week, they are exempt from paying the rights that are entitled to us all. Israeli law states otherwise – it does not matter if a worker is Israeli or non-Israeli, if they work an hour a week or thirty, if they work at home or in an office or if payment is made in cash. The employer must pay all rights, including pension, national insurance, vacation and holidays, recuperation and more.

The number of housecleaners requesting aid from Kav LaOved is increasing, to the extent that the organization established reception hours once a week for this popualtion specifically. We handle hundreds of complaints from housecleaning workers each month, managing correspondence and negotiations with employers, turning to the courts if necessary.

As we move towards the High Holidays, Kav LaOved reminds employers of housecleaners – you are employers! Employers must uphold and pay housecleaners the rights entitled to them and all workers in Israel.