Expose: Turkish construction workers in Israel facing horrific conditions. They live in a closed encampment, which they are NOT allowed to leave. They are taken to their workplace in the morning and returned to the encampment at night after working mandatory overtime. They have NOT been paid their legally earned wages and benefits. They have NO independent access to their bank account, or even the simple right to quit their jobs and move to another employer.

And if a worker complains or dares to try to leave his job, he may be caught and punished by the “defectors apprehension” team of the company. In short, these are the slaves of the Yilmazlar International construction company who are working to build towers in Tel Aviv, all with the permission of the state of Israel.

Kav Laoved and the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants are currently appealing on behalf of these workers, demanding that they be released from this work contract.

Click for an interview with Kav’s Attorney Michal Tadjer on the topic (Hebrew).