“As of November 2016 the law obliges personnel agencies handling migrant caregivers to deduct money for each worker’s pension and severance pay, and deposit it in a special bank account for them. However, the withdrawal process has proved too complicated (Ilan Lior, Tuesday) and dozens of caregivers have been forced to leave Israel in recent months without getting their money, according to testimonies gathered by the NGO Kav LaOved – Worker’s Hotline. Others were given the runaround before they could finally withdraw their money.

The difficulties arise from the procedures, which list the things the workers are required to do to withdraw the money. Under the procedure, the worker must notify the personnel agency; submit the application for receiving the deposited funds up to 30 days before leaving Israel at the latest, and submit the request by means of an online form, which, when filled, must include the number of the bank account in which the money is deposited.

The problem is that the workers don’t know the account number and the authorities make it difficult for them to obtain it. To top it all, the form is available only in Hebrew.”

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