During elections season, our representatives’ regular recklessness reaches extreme. As a welcome gift for the Farmers’ Association director, Meir Tzur, who recently joined the Minister of Finance’s Kulanu party – Minister Moshe Kahlon unceremoniously cast away the workers’ social rights as well as Israel-Thailand relations. Kahlon decided to not implement the regulations formed to ensure workers’ pension funds do indeed reach the workers’ possession when they return to Thailand. This, after the regulations had already been agreed upon and signed. By law, employers must pay deposit into workers’ pension funds, just like employers of Israeli workers do, but because of the negligence and lack in oversight in the agriculture sector, in many cases the law is irrelevant to the workers’ reality. We, together with the Legal clinic for Migrants and refugees rights in IDC Herzliya, addressed the Minister and informed him that if the regulations are not implemented within the next two weeks – we will appeal to the Supreme Court.