On September 1st the Minister of Trade signed the “Directive on Employing Workers in the Fields of Cleaning and Security at Public Institutions”, according to the law passed in July 2013 regarding the employment of workers in the fields of cleaning and security.

The directive applies to contract workers employed by a public employee, and includes conditions and benefits specific to the public sector. These benefits include:

  • A salary of 4,646 shekels for a fulltime worker in cleaning.
  • Deducted rate for a worker’s pension fund with a 15.3% rate.
  • Deduction rate for damages from termination will be 8.3% of the wage and will be instead of  damages from termination, according to section 14 of the Damages law (meaning that the deducted amount will remain as part of the worker’s pension even if the worker is terminated).
  • The deductions for pensions will begin at low rates and also as compensation for additonal work hours and weekly rest days, as well as travel expenses.
  • The workers will be eligible to recieve deductions in an advanced study fund.
  • Increase in medical recovery days (7 days in the first 3 years), for every day around 423 shekels. Eligiiblity for this also includes workers who have worked less than a year.
  • Eligibility to recieve subsidized meals at the workplace.