The following events are taking place in honor of International Refugee Day, June 20th:

Asylum Seekers on the Bar

Hotline for Refugees and Migrants * Amnesty International * ASSAF: Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers * Physicians for Human Rights Israel * ARDC: Advancing the dignity of refugees in Israel * ACRI * Kav LaOved * The Garden Library – Levinsky * HAIS

We hear about them in the news, we see them on the streets and in stores, but when was the last time you went and talked to an asylum seeker?

On the evening of International Refugee Day, four bars around the city will host a unique opportunity to become familiar with the complex world of asylum seekers. Join us to hear and be heard, in a mediated conversation with African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, about difficulties, dreams and realities.

Events will be held at the following locations:
Prince, Nahalat Binyamin 18, Tel Aviv, at 19:00
Shafa Bar (Shuk Hapishpashim) Nachman 2, Jaffa at 19:00
Har-Sinai Bar, Sinai 2, Tel Aviv, at 19:30
Nanuchka, Lilienblum 30, Tel Aviv, at 19:30


Refugee Day at Holot

Join the 2014 Refugee Day event organized by the Refugee community.

This Friday, 20th June, the Sudanese refugee community is organizing an event in Holot to commemorate World Refugee Day. The event will include a theatrical performance, speeches and other activities. Groups will depart by bus at 10:00 from Lewinsky Park and we will return at around 18:00.

The importance of World Refugee Day in Holot springs from its significance to refugees worldwide, as the one day that commemorates a struggle of people fleeing their homelands and encountering difficulties in finding safety. We want to show the world that in Israel, refugees celebrate World Refugee Day in front of a prison in a desert.
It is important to remind the government of Israel of its obligations according to the Refugee Convention which it signed. We want to offer hope and remind those imprisoned that they have not been forgotten.

054-259-3619 – English
054-915-6075 – English, Hebrew
054-873-8494 – Arabic,Hebrew
052-240-3686 – Hebrew

Registration for the bus to go to Holot from TLV- http://bit.ly/wrdholot
From Jerusalem – http://bit.ly/wrdholotjlm

www.facebook.com/refugeesmarch #marchforfreedom

Daily Nonviolent Protests at Holot

Starting on Thursday, 19.6.2014, there will be daily nonviolent protests at the entrance of Holot Facility and in front of the Ministry of Interior at the Facility.

For more information: 0549156075 or 0542697194

Refugee Day Events in Eilat

Gathering at the North Beach – Mifratz HaShemesh, from 16:00 until the sunset!

Program:Meeting with asylum seekers living in the city, Refreshments, Photo exhibition, Beach games, Kite flying and surprises