Every month, Kav LaOved staff conducts field visits to moshavim and kibbutzim to meet with migrant agricultural workers, discuss their labor rights, and document their living and working conditions. Below is an excerpt from the most recent trip.

A couple of weeks ago Kav LaOved staff paid another visit to migrant agricultural workers, this time near the city of Ramle, on a small moshav. On the farm, we met around 20 workers growing parsley, coriander, and basil, and other crops. The workers told us about their employment conditions, with wages averaging 130NIS a day plus 20NIS for each extra hour worked. They are paid cash in hand – without pay slips – and only once every two months. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they told us that at peak times – especially before the holidays when there are a lot of orders – they work 29 hours straight.

We informed the workers about their rights, documented all the details, and will be appealing to the Ministry of Economy for urgent action. We also sent a notice to the employers, on behalf of their employees, regarding the appalling employment conditions and the legal penalties they could face.

As we prepare for the upcoming holiday meals, bear in mind all those who grow our vegetables for us, and demand legal employment conditions and equality for all agricultural workers in Israel.