We did it! We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed our crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks so much to everyone who belongs to this big family of Kav LaOved – activists, volunteers, supporters and workers – we succeeded. You gave us your trust and support throughout the campaign and this means so much.

Our campaign “Workers’ Rights Now More Than Ever” isn’t over. We are witnessing a systemic attack on workers’ rights, and we are committed to continuing the struggle to defend all workers. We will continue working toward a better reality where workers’ rights are protected and respected.

In the last couple of days alone, Ha’aretz published the personal story of Abed Dari, KLO’s Palestinian field worker, highlighting the plight of workers in East Jerusalem; we petitioned the Knesset in favor of a just model to ensure that workers don’t unfairly bear the costs of having to quarantine; and provided representation in court for a group of students from Guatemala who were brought to Israel under false pretenses to be used as cheap labor.

In face of the current difficulties, including the isolation and social distancing, our campaign reminds us that we stand together.

A heartfelt thanks,

Kav LaOved