Kav LaOved congratulates the organization’s lawyers who have been selected to fill central roles in the Israel Bar Association:

Attorney Eran Golan, a board member of Kav LaOved, was appointed chair of the forum on labor law

Attorney Michal Tadjer was appointed deputy chair of the forum on labor law

Attorney Khaled Dukhi was appointed deputy chair of the committee on foreign workers

Attorney Hanny Ben-Israel was appointed deputy chair of the committee on foreign workers

Two years ago Golan and Ella Alon of the Legal Clinics of Tel Aviv University submitted a list of lawyers for consideration in the elections for the Bar Association under the party “L’tachlit Reuya” (For a Good Purpose). Lawyers included in that list have been selected for key positions in the Association.

MK Shelly Yachimovich welcomed Golan to the new position via her Facebook page: “[Golan was] selected to harness his extensive skills to deepen understanding of and address failures, distortions and injustices in the modern labor market, and he is a great example of a generation of young and ethical leaders who challenge large and established systems, and enter these systems to change them from within, with a spirit of faith. He was a clerk for the Supreme Court Justice Rubinstein (when Rubinstein was Attorney General), he has his own office where he defends workers, he is an active and leading board member at Kav LaOved, and he is a board member of Lahav, an independent organization for small and middle-sized businesses…Good luck to Eran, as his success is the success of workers wherever they are, the success of small and medium businesses, the success of young community lawyers, and the success of Israeli society.”

Kav LaOved also wishes the lawyers success in their roles and leading changes that will affect the Israeli economy and further instigate more positive change.