Given the Coronavirus situation, the minister of interior, Mr. Aryeh Dery, published an order with the following temporary regulation changes.

Please read this carefully.

Caregivers who already work as relievers can continue working with the same employer if the permanent caregiver has not returned due to the current restrictions. The relievers can continue their job until it is possible for the permanent caregiver to return, or until they complete 63 months – whatever is sooner. The extension will be arranged by the manpower agency.

Caregivers, who are in the “relieving” period (51-63 months) and are not employed, can be employed as “regular” caregivers with a regular visa – until they finished 63 months in Israel. Their registration must be arranged through a manpower agency. Once they reach 63 months, an application for special visa can be submitted for them (even with the same employer – if all the regular conditions for special visa apply – check here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/kav-laoved-migrant-caregivers/law-for-special-visas-humanitarian-visas-updated-note/1843446265735606/)

IMPORTANT! This option is available for all caregivers who are in the “relieving period” – even if they DIDN’T have a job in the last 30 days. If you are currently not working, you have to apply for these visas/extensions (with a manpower agency (NOT “bituach”) within 30 days from today.


Caregivers that are within the first 51 months of their time in Israel – and have passed the 90 days limit without an employer – can find a new employer now, and apply for a job with an agency. The visa application will not be denied because of timeframe issue.


The employers must have permits to employ migrant workers

These regulations are temporary and will change back to normal once the crisis is over. We will keep you updated.

We are proud to say Kav LaOved’s attorneys have notified the Minister of Interior and the CEO of PIBA about this issue with 2 urgent letters, after many many relievers shared their stories with us. We are happy and pleased your voices were heard.