Kav LaOved survey: The accommodations of many Thai agricultural workers do not meet the minimum legal requirements.

Let’s start with an explanation: an employer in agriculture who employs migrant workers from Thailand must provide them with minimal living conditions. All these conditions are specified in the Foreign Workers Regulations which also lists the minimum requirements for the accommodation and residence of migrant workers. Not only the minimal conditions are detailed, workers also pay about 10% of their wages for housing and related expenses.
Despite this, most workers do not know what conditions they are entitled to. So we conducted a dual-purpose survey – we wrote what workers should be getting from their employer by law, and asked workers if they indeed get these conditions. 178 employees answered in detail, the answers are as follows:

Requirement: The accommodations will be ventilated and heated as needed and according to the season.
Reality: 56.2% of respondents answered that they do not have heating, 52.8% that do not have ventilation.

Requirement: The sleeping area of each worker shall not be less than 4 square meters.
Reality: 52.8% of workers said they were allocated a smaller area than that.

Requirement: The building will have a supply of drinking water.
Reality: 43% of workers answered that they do not have enough drinking water.

Requirement: Each worker will receive bedding.
Reality: 52.1% of workers did not receive all or some bedding.

Requirement: Each worker will have a separate wardrobe or compartment.
Reality: 68.5% did not get a closet at all. 87.5% cannot lock it.

Half of the workers also testified that they have no storage cabinets in the kitchen, enough cutlery or any space dedicated to taking meals; 42.9% do not always have hot water; 52% say their toilets and shower are not working properly; 36.2% that the residence is not connected to a sewerage system; 33.1% that the plumbing are not working properly.

Other common complaints that arose from workers: housing in metal containers, no ventilation or windows, no ability to lock rooms, unsafe living environment. Unfortunately, the list goes on

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