The State Comptroller Report published on May 14, 2014, points to the lack of planning and a number of deficiencies regarding the provision of healthcare, welfare, employment, law enforcement, and infrastructure. Inter alia, and in agreement with Kav LaOved’s position, the State Comptroller calls upon the Population, Immigration, and Border Authority to clarify the specific policy for non-deportable non-citizens making it possible to employ them. The Comptroller states that the lack of clarity regarding employment of foreigners negatively affects their ability to provide basic living conditions for themselves.

The arrangement not to enforce the law regarding employers has been in place for a few years and has caused a number of difficulties. The Population Immigration and Border Authority has avoided clarifying and notifying the public regarding this arrangement; and the official papers provided to the foreigners are confusing and misleading.

There is concern that if this arrangement, with its drawbacks, continues for a number of years, it can lead to the violation of the foreigners’ security, quality of life, and the provision of sufficient food, clothing, and shelter, as is required by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, signed by the State of Israel in 1991 (called here: the Convention on Social Rights). Today, in some cases, foreigners are vulnerable to hunger and cannot fulfill their basic needs. In the light of these findings, the Attorney General must examine the existing and developing situation to guarantee compliance with the provisions of the basic laws of human dignity, liberty, and international law.

The State Comptroller Report – Foreigners that cannot be deported: preliminary report. (In Hebrew)