This past week, 4 construction workers were moderately to severely injured in work accidents.

This past week, Kav LaOved also discovered that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which at the beginning of the year had boasted of imposing “huge fines” on contractors, is far from reality. What actually takes place is safety inspectors are sent to photograph the safety violations from afar, but they provide no warning on the spot either to the site manager or to the workers’ themselves – failing to immediately intervene to save lives. Because giving the appearance of fixing the problem is apparently more important than actually fixing it.

For full article (Hebrew): https://www.haaretz.co.il/news/education/.premium-1.6174343

Additionally, the tally of construction workers wounded this month in BST Construction Company sites comes to one fatality and three moderately-to-severely wounded workers. This comes on top of the company already earning a top spot as one of the construction companies in Israel with the greatest number of citations for serious safety violations at it sites.

And so, as a result of the government’s continued incompetence, the lives of four more construction workers have been irreversibly changed due to their injuries this past week.

Here are the details of this of week’s accidents:
• On Monday morning in Kiryat Ata, an 18-year-old worker fell four meters during a renovation job. He was evacuated to Rambam Hospital with bruises on his limbs and upper body.
• On Wednesday in Bnei Dekalim, in the Lachish region, a 35-year-old worker fell from a height of ten meters. He was evacuated to Ein Kerem Hospital with a moderate to severe condition, suffering from severe pelvic trauma.
• On Thursday, three workers were injured in a BST construction site in Petah Tikva when the installation constructed for concrete casting collapsed and all three fell into the pit. Two workers, ages 33 and 49, were moderately to severely injured and evacuated to Beilinson Hospital. The third was only lightly-to-moderately injured.

For full article on the topic (Hebrew) see:https://m.calcalist.co.il/Article.aspx?guid=3740284