This past week 4 construction workers fell while working-at-heights: one of them was seriously injured, and 3 more moderately injured. The three sites in which these accidents took place, will continue to operate as if nothing had happened. The police will not open a criminal investigation, and the Safety Administration will not visit the sites or inspect the safety conditions.

When a worker is lucky enough to be only moderately as opposed to severely injured, this small blessing comes at the price of the safety of the remaining workers at the site.

“Moderate” injuries still include decapitated limbs and other debilitating injuries but simply indicate that there is no immediate threat to the life of the worker. Yet this distinction means that in the three sites where workers were moderately injured, no inspector will visit and no stop-work order will be imposed. Nothing will be done to prevent further injuries. Kav LaOved jointly with our partners ארגון העובדים מען – WAC Maan نقابة معا العمالية have filed a petition to the Supreme Court with the main goal to ensure that all work accidents in the construction sector which cause moderate injuries will be investigated. We will continue to work for reform until the government acts to ensure the safety of all workers!