The construction sector continues taking its toll on human lives: Kais Senan Khatib, a 19 years old worker from Qalansuwa, was killed on Friday noon. The accident took place at a construction site on Weizmann St. near Kfar Saba’s industrial zone. Khatib was electrocuted and transferred in critical condition to Beilinson Hospital, where his death was determined.

May he rest in peace.

Construction workers continue to pay for the authorities’ incompetence with their lives. Fatal accidents are not investigated professionally by the police and very few violators end up indicted. The Labor Ministry has imposed 850 safety orders on safety-violating construction sites since the beginning of the year, but they don’t deter anyone, as we can see in the reoccurrence of safety violations at the very same sites where safety orders had been issued. As long as imposing the orders doesn’t necessarily result in a disciplinary process managed by the contractors’ registrar and violating sites don’t close for 30 days, the zero-deterrence policy will continue.