They are brought to Israel with sweet promises of a long term and high-earning job and are told their skills are extremely needed in Israel. They take enormous loans, betting on their future – and here they discover the lie and their dreams shatter. No visa, no job, and no need for their expertise.
The magical combination of greed and governmental apathy allows the fraud to continue.
They keep coming to us, well dressed and penniless, and we file their appeals to the courts. Each time the judge orders the Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA) to issue the experts visas and allow them to find some sort of job, but the verdicts don’t change PIBA’s policy and experts keep coming.
The court ordered PIBA to issue visas for Jayakumar, Alphonse, Cyril and Lawrence so they can provide for themselves, and now we only need to convince PIBA to implement the order.
Will this be the last group to be exploited?