Eyad Ismail Ibrahim Rajab, a 48 years old construction worker from Allabad village near Tulkarm, fell to his death on the morning of the 10.01.2019, in a construction site on Abba Hillel Silver street, Netanya. Eyad was married and had four children. May he rest in peace.

Misbah Abdelwahed Alzohoor, a 33 years old construction worker from Bayt Kahil village west to Hebron, passed away last Tuesday in Barzilay Hospital. The deceased was injured in a construction work accident in Askelon on the 17.01.2019, when a falling Iron frame hit him, and his death was determined a week later. Misbah was married and had four children; he was trained as a school teacher. May he rest in peace.

We are sorry for the two unnecessary deaths of Palestinian construction workers, who had come to Israel to provide for their families and did not return home.

These accidents, like the other accidents that took place since the beginning of the year, in which nine other workers were injured moderately and severely, remind decision makers the familiar reality of 2018 has not yet changed, and there is no room for complacence.