We did it!

With your help, last week, 20/2 in Buenos Aires KLO was announced as the winner of the The Elders 2018 #WalkTogether Prize for Courage.

The Prize recognizes organizations that help people to know, use, and shape the law to advance justice in their countries and that display courage in the face of extraordinary challenges. We are enormously grateful to The EldersNamati, and all those who voted for us.

Victor Lederfarb, KLO board member and volunteer, accepted the Prize on behalf of KLO. In his remarks, he said:
“This Prize is recognition of the critical nature of our legal aid work and advocacy, which supports the most marginalized and vulnerable workers in Israeli society…This Prize means the world to us, and to them. Yes, it is a recognition of our work on their behalf, and I’d like to hope that it is also a recognition of their plight, of their courage. The political climate in Israel is extremely inhospitable for these foreign workers. They face near constant discrimination, and significant barriers to earning a living that supports them, even though those rights are enshrined in Israeli labor law. The list of violations of their basic human dignity is endless. In this story, they are the ones who are truly worthy of this prize for courage.”

You can watch the Prize ceremony and Victor’s full remarks here (starting at 33:00):


You can also read more about KLO’s legal aid work here: https://www.walk-together.org/…/power-legal-aid-support-vu…/