Working safely in agriculture : advice and rights’ description



Risks in agriculture work

Your rights as an agricultural worker

It is mandatory to receive guidance from the employer before performing a job!

When to say no

In case of emergency

It is your employer’s duty

Personal safety equipment

Rules when dealing with dangerous materials

Must do when working with pesticides

Before any work with chemicals

Protect your hearing

Protect yourself from dust!

Any electricity work, even small jobs, must be performed by a qualified electrician

Safety rules when driving a tractor

Working with animals? Directions for keeping safe.

Illnesses transmittable from animals to humans

Being careful with tools and machinery

Work about 2 meter height? Comply with these safety requirements

Protection during pruning work

Safety rules to avoid fire

What to do in case of fire

Beware of the sun

Watch out for snakes and insects

In case of a snake bite

When you hear the sound of sirens…

In case of an earthquake